Pre-Primary World


The Pre-Primary education is the foundation on which the subsequent education emerges. This Pre Primary foundation supports the entire life of education. The Wisdom Tree understands it.

At our Pre-Primary Zone, teachers will seek to maximize the academic potential of each child and develop both a positive self-image and the child’s full range of motor skills. In an environment rich in sensory experiences, the child will learn much in the areas of language, arts, mathematics, social studies and science through 3-dimensional models, thematic units of study, hands-on activities and expert instruction.

The classroom experience at The Wisdom Tree is a balance of academic learning and practical application of knowledge.

Students participate in a play based learning programme that involves activities like painting, singing, dancing, storytelling with props, and various competitions and celebrations which provide ample opportunities to develop and showcase their creativity.

We emphasize on:

  • A welcoming environment, where every child is special
  • Children’s safety in our care
  • Positive and trusting relationships with their peers and adults
  • Experiences for children to explore and learn
  • A range of learning opportunities towards holistic development of a child
  • A good understanding of healthy lifestyles

Learning at our Pre-Primary World:

We firmly believe that by bringing real-life context and technology to the curriculum through a PBL approach, students are encouraged to become independent workers, critical thinkers, and lifelong learners. It also helps students to acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems.

A variety of purposeful activities promote first-hand experiences, useful for learning, which follows simultaneously from the books and worksheets.

Following are some attractions of our Pre Primary section:

  •        Play Station
  •        Outdoor learning                                                
  •        Circle time
  •        Concept time
  •        Computer
  •        Fun with science
  •        Dance
  •        Music – Instrumental and Vocal
  •        All class rooms are fitted with projectors, whiteboards and computers with speakers.
  •        Splash Pool
  •        Excursions (Local).
  •        Sports Activities

We believe in teaching methods which enhance the Multiple Intelligence of a child. To protect learning from boredom and make teaching more effective, the entire syllabus is divided theme wise. At The Wisdom Tree, we strive religiously to keep the curiosity alive in the kids. 

Assessment of Pre- Primar

The academic year is divided into two terms and each term has two assessment reports. There shall be no formal examinations for classes Nursery and K.G. Each assessment report is based on the continuous evaluation covering their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cognitive skills and linguistic learning based on class activities, worksheets and assignments on day to day basis. . 

Snack Time:

The teachers of Nursery & Kindergarten teaches them about sharing and how to eat in an orderly and well-mannered way. It also teaches them to eat a well-balanced and healthy meal which is very important in today’s world where junk food has become a way of life.

Our Pre-Primary Zone anchors the children in the present moment but simultaneously keeps preparing them for the future in the most scientific, interesting, and joyful manner.

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