Middle Zone

                                                                                                    Middle Zone

When the child enters the middle school, the curriculum ensures special inputs for the students at any field from languages, mathematics, science and technology or performing arts. The teaching methodologies are structured on Experiential Learning to enhance his or her maximum potential to successfully meet many new challenges of global society. Every moment is an opportunity to learn and classrooms turn into laboratories with three-dimensional models and playgrounds with the aided element of fun. The curriculum ensures increasing range of opportunities and astounding variety of careers opening up due to the phenomenal developments.

In middle school, guidance for right study habits and acquiring in-depth conceptual knowledge by emphasizing on working in groups to build team-work. This ensures that concept clarity leads to a strong base, before the child moves to the next higher level of learning.

The classroom teaching is complemented by practical experiments and assignments which go beyond the text. These assignments are both informative and practically oriented.

Students are engaged in group activities and activities which involve bodily movement such as dance, drama, sports can be used to nurture their learning. The following strategies are used to facilitate kinesthetic and immersive learning through activities like:

  • Laboratory demonstrations and hands-on activities
  • Performing Arts and Theatre: ideas, concepts and processes can be expressed through creative movements.
  • Indoor and outdoor sports.
  • Robotics
  • Yoga 

This kind of learning leads to a long-term memory since it is associated with emotions. The introduction of the interdisciplinary projects and problem based learning further enhance the knowledge of the students beyond what they learn through their textbooks.

Assessment and Examination

Students are continuously evaluated for their performance on a regular basis. Assessment for students from Grades IV to VIII is based on the periodic test which are held weekly. Periodic tests are compulsory for all students. The syllabus for the Periodic tests is given to the students well in advance. Students from Grades IV to VIII have a Half Yearly Examination in the month of September and a Final Examination in the month of March respectively. The syllabus for the Examinations is given to the students well in advance.

The result for the Examinations is based on Periodic tests, Notebook Submission, Subject Enrichment Activities, Half Yearly Examination and Final Examination and Co-scholastic activities.


Scholar Badges, Blazers and Gold Medals are awarded to students for meritorious performance. A commendation certificate is awarded to students who have shown continuous improvement in their academic performance.

Meritorious students are awarded the scholar badge from Grade V to Grade IX.

A blue blazer is awarded to a student at the end of the academic year of Grade X.

Subject awards will be given for English, Hindi, Math, Social Science, Science, III language, Computer Science and all the Elective subjects. Awards will be given for excellence in Games, Art & Craft, school, Dance, Music, Inter school, Inter-class and Intra-class competitions.

Minimum of 75% attendance in that academic year is mandatory for achieving the accolades.

The award ceremony takes place in the new academic session.

Grade V-Scholar Badge

Grade VI- Scholar Badge

Grade VII- Scholar Badge

Grade VIII- Scholar Badge

Grade IX- Scholar Badge 

Grade X- Scholar Badge

Grade XI- Gold Metal



(Subject to minimum of 85% attendance)










Overall Grade: A1


English, Hindi, Math, Social Science, Science, III language, Computer Science


IX and X


98% and above


English, II language, Math, Social Science, Science, Computer Science.




95% and above


English and four Elective subjects.



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