It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. These words of Albert Einstein sum up the entire persona of a teacher, her indispensability, and her inalienable role in the education of a child.

The Wisdom Tree has handpicked some of the most erudite and passionate teachers from the industry who are exceptionally well experienced yet their innovative instinct remains alive. 






The academic team at The Wisdom Tree is so ornate that it is a matter of prestige to be a part of it. We have ensured, as a prerequisite, not only their academic excellence and experience but also their emotional intelligence so that our children are showered with the teachers’ knowledge, wisdom, passion, compassion, guidance, dedication, and discipline – all with immense care, warmth, and affection.

The Wisdom Tree has a system in place to continually organize teaches’ training workshops – through highly acclaimed training centres – for up gradation, skill enhancement, and world level educational development awareness. A 360-degree continual teachers’ assessment system ensures constant sharpening of their teaching acumen.

With this team of devoted and learned teachers, The Wisdom Tree provides to children a vast canvass of world-class education with a holistic growth. Here are the Wisdom thoughts of our faculty to show their efforts and dedication in few words:                      


Our Curriculum incorporates current Educational thinking and the most effective pedagogical practices. It represents a process of revision that is both evolutionary and developmental. We firmly believe in taking children out of the classroom spaces to experience the real world through varied experiments and hands-on activities. In order to realize this view of the child and education, our curriculum outlines a detailed and structured framework of content that is comprehensive and flexible.
Ms. Sonali Singh (Class Representative - Junior School)
Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in the school. I love my job because everytime it teaches u new things. Everyday is a new day and a new beginning of learning. Here the teachers and staff are all very helpful and supportive.
Ms. Geetika Dhingra (Sr. Admission Counsellor)

Learning has always been fun at TWT. I am really lucky to work with the such an organisation where the entire team of TWT is supportive and cooperative.  

Ms. Garima Thukral Soni (Admission Counsellor)

 TWT has a very good infrastructure and well-equipped labs. The school has provided great career opportunities which helped me a lot as a person. The way of teaching is very effective as it is purely based on Experiential Learning. TWT has very cooperative and helping staff.

Ms. Varnica Sardana (Nursery Teacher )


TWT is an excellent schooling institution. It gives ample of opportunities to every student. It has given great working environment to all of us. It continuously works towards the betterment of the child.

Ms. Kritika Marwaha 

 With  Experiential Learning as its basis, the makes learning so much fun for the children connecting them to the real life. We teachers leave a mark on the heart and minds of our students and are dedicated towards their work and take care of each and every child's need. We teachers love our students.  We have students with great capabilities. They are like precious stones that need to be nurtured in order to shine bright, brighter and brightest of all.

Ms. Swati Tyagi (Nursery Teacher)

The environment of our school is student friendly Our school maintains strict discipline which every member needs to follow on the regular basis. I love my school.

Ms. Pallavi K. Borah (Nursery Teacher) 

Its a dream of every teacher to be part of that school which allows its teachers shape up their pupils as per their capabilities that too with a smile on their faces. I feel proud to be associated with such an organisation. Here in TWT, we encourage students to learn new things through Experiential Learning and hands-on activities. Students enjoy it immensely.

Ms. Manisha Bhouriyal (KG Teacher)
My experience with The Wisdom Tree School has been wonderful, it has taught me a lot about what it means to be a teacher and alot about myself. It has taught me to prepare lesson plans in a very creative way by adding Experiential Learning activities for the students. It has made more passionate about teaching.
Ms. Jagriti (KG Teacher)

TWT is known for its clear focus on learning and achievement. Students here have many opportunities to perform well and to take responsibilities in different ways. Teachers, students and parents respect and support one another. Students are praised for their achievements including attendance and behaviour. It is a pleasant place to work for activities.


Ms. Hina Gupta (Grade-I Teacher)

The school provides a conducive environment to grow as an effective teacher. It provides a constant support and guidance and facilities learning for all the teachers which eventually enrich the learnings of our students. It motivates us to bring the best out of us. 
Ms. Rupa Tyagi (Grade I Teacher)
School's campus is really beautiful and ideally suited for exploring and learning. It has technology enabled class rooms. Management respects and appreciates its employees. Colleagues are really helpful and believe in team work. students are respectful and have the ability to communicate clearly.
Ms. Jyoti Vashist (Grade II Teacher)
TWT is a school with successful learning environment. Teachers and staff are quite supportive and alert. The staff go to extraordinary lengths everyday to make students happy and successful. Teachers work on the growth of every child. ERP system of the school always keep the parents updated on everything related to children. The school has a very good infrastructure. It has different labs like Maths, Science, SST lab, etcSchool is equipped with indoor and outdoor games. It's a school with Unique Teaching Methodolgy. The Principal of the school  Mrs. Sanghamitra Das is very supportive and humble.
Ms. Pooja Sharma (Grade III Teacher)


The young people today are growing up in a global knowledge society. Recognising the significance of an IT driven world, TWT has high grade computers and projectors to enhance learning . Our computers are all high grade TFT screen units and are carefully monitered. Complementing these machines, are teaching aids which are consistently upgraded to facilitate awareness and knowledge.
Ms. Anuradha Gupta (Grade IV teacher)


The Wisdom Tree is a growing school which is among the best CBSE schools in the state. It has a great support of its curriculum from Nursery to grade VIII with well experienced and qualified staff. A welcoming and positive environment is its strength. Communication skills and life skills are its focus. Leadership qualities in the students are its vision. 


Ms. Upasana Khurana (Grade V Teacher)


This is a wonderful place with very personal, dedicated and caring staff. Everyone took steps together to form this school as a family. The school has really created the pillars of Experiential Learning and the outstanding infrastructure. The mission of the school is to provide child-centric education based on Experiential Learning and for this it has incorporated Wisdom, Humility, Determination, Integrity and Courage. Great to be a part of TWT family.

Ms. Shanky Khatri 


The Wisdom Tree has made great strides over the past one year. Teachers are best in the district and children are lovable, a diverse group. The school has everything that you want. Supportive teachers, best infrastructure, sports, clubs, arts and best courses.

Ms. Leena Sood (Grade VII)
We at TWT believe children need to nourish their developing mental abilities. Young children need a strong sense of self-esteem, excitement and curiosity for learning. Students develop higher order thinking skills, critical thinking, creative and reflecting skills. Our curriculum is developed to create such experience for the child. We at TWT allow students to be actively involved in their own learning and to take responsibility for that learning. Enquiry helps them in understanding of the world to develop knowledge that is unique to each student.
Ms. Sonali Singh (Grade VIII Teacher)
The Wisdom Tree School offers excellent environment not only for students but also for teachers. The environment and the facilities provided here are great.that pushes you to do your best and help in every possible way.
Ms. Priti Mishra (Abacus teacher)


Hamara School Noida ka bahut accha school hai. mujhe yaha kaam karke bahut accha lag rha hai aur padane ke saath mujhe bhi bahut kuch seekhne ko mil rha hai. School ki Principal aur teachers bhi bahut sahayak hai. hamare school mei nayi nayi takniko ka prayog karke chaatro ko shikshan diya jata hai. Shiksha se sambhandhit sabhi suvidhaye hamare school mei uplabhad hai. Jaise Music, Sports, Dance, Yoga, Threatre, Club, Library, Medical, Labs, Art and Craft aadi. School mei Chaatro ko poori yojna ke saath paath ko padaya jata hai aur har kaary samay par karwaya jata hai.

Ms. Mamta Rani (Hindi Teacher for Middle School)

TWT is the best school in Noida,Greater Noida West.School has the experienced staff working with them. Principal Ma'am, teachers all are very supportive, cooperative and humble. The way of teaching is very unique i.e. Experiential Learning . Children are very intelligent and amiable. calssrooms are all well equipped. This school gives every child the opportunities to excel in different fields. The working environment is very joyful and familiar.

Ms. Pooja Raj (Hindi Teacher for Primary School)
TWT has a very clean and hygienic kitchen which serves delicious veg. food. Teachers work on the growth of every child. There are lots of opportunity to engage the students. Our school teachers are committed to caring and skilled at challenging each child. TWT has a well equipped medical room for students.
Ms.Bindu  Alex (Nurse)
 I have been associated with TWT as sports teacher and here I have found good environment for sports with good infrastructure and supportive school management. 
Mr. Dambar Somai (Sports Teacher)
Its my pleasure to extend the opportunity to express my sincere thanks to respected Principal Maám and the management of the school "The Wisdom Tree", truly unique and justified name by all means.The environment of the school is completely  friendly . TWT has the ideal environment for education and development of teaching learning processes along with the skills and activities. All are very helpful and cooperative. I feel proud to be a part of the TWT family.
Ms. Sangita Sen (Music Teacher)
The Wisdom Tree school gave me a very good platform to present my skills at a great level. The collegues and the staff here are very helpful and cooperative. I feel proud to be part of the TWT family. 
Ms. Renu Mahapatra (Dance Teacher)
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"Try to learn something about everything and everything about something. ~ Thomas Henry Huxley "